Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow... It's been awhile!

Hello all you! I'm back! Well, technically I was back on Saturday but haven't had any computer time since! That also means I haven't had any time to upload any photos, so I guess you don't get any pictures either... :)

And now, Introducing:


Disclaimer: This picture isn't todays recipe. I'm sorry, and yes I DO know that they look delicious.

A new part of the Pattern Impossible blog family. Every Monday I'll have a new recipe, from the web, or a family tradition, or somewhere. Maybe I'll even make it up on the spot. BUT! Let me warn you now... it will not taste good unless a miracle is involved. So we'll stick to pre-made recipes. :)

Well, todays is over at The Thrifty Chick blog. This recipe looks delicious. (Notice how I say looks not is... I haven't tried it yet.) But maybe I will. Tonight looks pretty free.

I'm not feeling very crafty lately though, as I bet you can tell. When you feel that way, how do you get back into the mood? I really need help. My sewing machine hasn't been touched in weeks. Pathetic, I know. :(

Well, I will see you tomorrow or next week or whenever I feel like it, so until then, Enjoy your LIfe!


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