Monday, May 23, 2011

So Close...

I have one more day of school.  

O. N. E.

This little tidbit of information is better than the sun shining all day long for once (Which hasn't happened in a very long time.) 

Since approximately five months ago, a lot has gone on.  A lot.

Well, let see I:

  • Took my 1st AP Test.  Ever. It sucked.
  • Went on my 1st date. Ever.  It rocked.
  • Went on my 2nd date.  It rocked too.
  • Passed all of my classes (And with a little persuasion of one or two teachers I'll have a 4.0!)
  • Became horribly addicted to naps.
  • Became even more of a procrastinator.  :)
  • And more, but I can't exactly think about it right now...  So onto pictures!
And since I'm lazy and I really don't want to scan a picture onto my computer, I've only got pictures from the second date.  But it was a blast, so here ya go.

Meet Trevin.  He's pretty Freaking Hilarious.  And he makes a great date.

Meet my Morp (Backwards Prom) Group.  We pretty much had a party.

Meet Bronwen, my AP Euro Textbook buddy. (P.S. This class is over!)  We pretty much had a party there too.  Oh, and Audrey's arm there in the left.

Well, that's it for probably another 5 months... Which might not be so much of an exaggeration...