Monday, October 26, 2009

Where, Oh Where Could My Cam-er-a be?

I lost it! Oh goodness, my trusty friend has always enjoyed a good game of hide-and-seek (who doesn't???) but this game has gone on long enough!

Well, he looks like this:

With a red case, and a few scratches here and there... it makes him look rugged, okay???

So, my dear old camera is missing crafts, joy, love and happiness, but then again, they're all pretty much the same, right?

But, we're carving pumpkins tonight, so I gotsta' go find him, so toodles!

Heaven in the Form of a Pint

Oh. My. Goodness. I lie to you not. This loverly creation from Ben and Jerry's is my new favorite. You should go and buy a pint of it right now. I'm not kidding, it's seriously that good.

Oh, and my pint has received its fair share of loving, I'll be out to get some more soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Joy

What is joy? Happiness? Enthusiasm? Jubilation, Euphoria The list could go on forever you know.

So, are you full of JOY?

Are you ENTHUSIASTIC about life?

Well, I hope you are. And if you aren't I bet you could do something to get better. Drink a cup of hot Cocoa. Go buy a small present for yourself. Listen to some 'happy' music. Talk to that special someone. Jump around for no reason. Laugh. Yeah, laugh. Out loud, right now. It'll make your day about ten times better, guaranteed.

So, now that I've expressed my erratic thoughts for the day, on to the fun stuff.

SO... I made this awesome scarf over the weekend, unfortunately I have no pictures. But! the tutorial is here. Enjoy, and be enthralled with the simple craft.

I'll leave you with that, and this:

:) OH JOY!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm in love

with my new blog header... aren't you? It's so pretty, and fall colored, and wonderful! I can't wait until winter! (Although it does feel like it's already the chilly season here in good ol' Provo!

So, enjoy the header and I'll enjoy my sewing, and show you what I did later on. Let me just tell you, it's great! (But really bad at the same time too!)

And yes, I know you are going to ask, I did do this on my own! Aren't you so proud of me???

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prepare yourself...

I've been kinda picture happy the last few days, so enjoy, or just scroll past really fast. They both work.

Hey! How'd that get in there? Oh, well!

So, this past weekend I took a visit with my brother to the Springville Art Museum (there was hardly anyone there!) And I have to admit there there were some amazing paintings there, like this one:

And this one, it was crazy, examine it, then think about it. Notice anything slightly heartbreaking here? Yeah, me too.

And I started on my quilt! (Finally!)

I love this fabric... really I do.

I told you I was picture happy!

And these are the final blocks: (You can get a lot done through three sessions of General Conference)

And here's a little contest of sorts. I took all three of these pictures. Which do you like the best?

Picture A

Picture B

Or Picture C?

Yeah, I know they aren't the best pictures in the world, I blame it on my camera. That's why I'm getting a new one... got any good suggestions? I'm looking for an awesome camera. That's all you need to focus on. (In other words, don't worry about the cost, or size. It just needs to be awesome!)

So leave a comment, about your favorite picture, your favorite camera or your favorite childhood pet. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Let's go on a Picnik!

Sorry about the annoying spot on this one, I didn't notice it when I took the picture... Darn it.

There's this awesome website called Picnik, also known as the coolest picture editing website known to man. Well, at least known to me. (You are entitled to your own opinion.)

So, this amazing website lets you do tons of stuff, so much I could never hope to write it all down. Best part is: it's FREE! (There are only a few things you can't do with a free account, but still, it's free.)

Take a look at these. Not something I could do by myself, seeing as how I don't own any form of Photoshop, nor do I know how to work it if I did own said program.

So, go check it out! I know you want to!

One last thing, do you like the new font, or should I just stick with the old one?