Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Joy

What is joy? Happiness? Enthusiasm? Jubilation, Euphoria The list could go on forever you know.

So, are you full of JOY?

Are you ENTHUSIASTIC about life?

Well, I hope you are. And if you aren't I bet you could do something to get better. Drink a cup of hot Cocoa. Go buy a small present for yourself. Listen to some 'happy' music. Talk to that special someone. Jump around for no reason. Laugh. Yeah, laugh. Out loud, right now. It'll make your day about ten times better, guaranteed.

So, now that I've expressed my erratic thoughts for the day, on to the fun stuff.

SO... I made this awesome scarf over the weekend, unfortunately I have no pictures. But! the tutorial is here. Enjoy, and be enthralled with the simple craft.

I'll leave you with that, and this:

:) OH JOY!!!!

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