Friday, September 25, 2009


Is not a good thing. I promise you that! Now, I know I promised to do better at blogging, and I know I haven't. Well, with homework, work, crafting, everything that's going on in my hectic life right now, what do you expect? I would love to sit and write a post everyday. But I can't. I'm bad enough watching a few t.v. shows without adding blogging on top of it.

SO... until life settles down some more, I guess you'll just have to settle for the occasional post. How many faithful readers actually read this, though? Does anyone itch for a new post to read, or is it just so so? I would love a comment on that (I sound like a broken record. But... no one ever does leave a comment.) I promise I don't bite! Maybe I'll just make it mandatory for there to be a comment for another post... nah, I'm not that mean!

Yeah, I know this post is random, and it's just been one of those days. You know, the days you feel like biting everyone's head off for looking at you, more like, you don't feel like socializing with anyone. At all.

So, onto crafting (since this is a crafting blog) I've been rocking out to Christmas music (don't hate me, I just feel like joy, and Christmas is about joy. Period.) as I've been working on my quilt, but I'm not at my house, so I don't have any pictures on this computer right now, so I'll have to show you later.

So, I hope you have a fantastic day, and you guys rock! (That was thanks in advance for commenting...)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm sorry.

I really am. I haven't been constantly blogging and I'm sure that I'm not that interesting when I don't blog at all.

So I'll give you a taste of my next project. I just need to run to the fabric store once more for some more fabric.

So, here it is:


Picture from Cluck Cluck Sew

This little beauty, the Double Hourglass Quilt is my next attempt at craftyness.

Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew has an awesome tutorial for this quilt on her blog. It is the easiest pattern ever and I'm stoked to try it out.

I have some really cute fabric I plan on using for the quilt, it's Recess by American Jane

So, this is technically my first quilt, and to be honest, I'm kind of scared. Any tips?

OH! And I promise that I'll be better at blogging in the future... possibly more giveaways?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well... three people... WHOO HOO!

So, now that we've had such a great turn out on the givaway :), it's time to announce the winner!

Thanks to the help of RANDOM.ORG

And the winner is:

Numero 3! Who was Jordan! (After taking into account the extra entries...)

Jordan, you'll soon be getting an email from me, and I hope you have fun shopping in the shop!


Monday, September 7, 2009


Have any of you been to the shop lately? Well, if you haven't, go on, check it out! Oh, and did I mention that I'm having a giveaway? It's for a free 5 bucks to the shop, and if I get more than, oh we'll say 50 comments, I'll up it to 3 different winners.


* 1 Free Entry: just enter your name and your email address for your 1st chance.
* 1 Entry for every person you get to enter: leave the name of the person who told you about this giveaway and you both get another entry.
* 1 Entry if you become a follower: It's pretty simple, just become a follower, if you already are, then leave another comment saying so.
* 1 Entry for your favorite item from the shop: go to the shop, and leave a comment saying your favorite thing there.
* 1 Entry for your thoughts or ideas on how to improve the shop and blog!

Make sure to leave your email address on each entry so I can contact you if you've won!

Thanks for entering, and I hope you all have a great Labor Day! (If you live in an area where it applies!)