Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm back!

Back from being lazy, non-motivated (how do you really say that?) and back from neglecting my poor little blog. What, you ask pushed me back into the vibe?

A newly opened etsy shop, that's what! Go on, check it out! It's at this link right here, or here, or here. They're all the same. If they don't work for you though go to: You know you want to!

I bet you also want to know what loverly items are being sold at said store? Well, here's a little peak, for those of you who wish to be lazy. I get it, no hard feelings, I myself am being quite lazy also at this particular moment.
Leave a comment with your favorite item and there may be a free somethin, somethin involved, if you know what I mean... but then there may not. Depends on how I'm feeling

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Munchies

Today's munchie is: CAKE BALLS!!!Red Velvet Cake Balls

This delicious treat is as good as it looks! Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm!

Cake Balls

I would love it if you guys commented and told me whether you like these recipes, or if you would prefer something else, even if you have ideas for it! As we all know, I love comments... what? You didn't know that? Well, now you do! Good luck!


P.S. I finally joined the world of ipod touch users, and I'm addicted! (Doodlejump is a very addicting game. Don't say I didn't warn you) Maybe I'll try doing a post from that, I'll tell you if I do!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Still Monday!

I have a post for this Monday Munchies, part 4... I think. Aren't you so happy that it's on an actual Monday this week?

Well, since I'm still a slacker, and It'll take a while for me to get out of that, I only have a link to another blog, so here it is.

(Picture from Brownies for Dinner)

Oh, my! Doesn't that look delicious? MMMMM!

And in Crafty Blogland, over at Red Bird Crafts, Emily has an amazing idea. They're called Story Stones, and they are adorable. Here's some insructions on how to make them, and she has a bunch of different one's at her blog. She also sells them in her Etsy shop, so go take a look there too!

(All Pictures from Red Bird Crafts)
Seriously, you can't tell me those aren't amazing!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda...

The Beach Boys, :), they make me wanna dance. Just the beat of Do You Wanna Dance, or Fun, Fun, Fun makes me wanna jump up and dance! Shimmy, Jump and Jive right in front of that open window, right as your next door neighbors walk past! Whoo hoo! Okay, maybe not that much, but you get the picture right?

Now, I know there are those who don't like them, but I forgive you. And hopefully you can forgive me for liking the Beach Boys. I am done now.

Oh, and if you were wondering, I am in the crafty mood once more. It's a secret right now, but my newest project involves, 5 points, a craft knife and pretty paper, now aren't you excited! More to come in the future!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, I give up!

Now we all know that I'm a procrastinator. So I give up... maybe next week I'll type up one of MY recipes... and I'm giving you a link to Life as I Know it... Cake for Breakfast YUM!

Now go make some *healthy* cake for tomorrow's breakfast. And I'll try not to put it off as much next week... Notice the key word was TRY! :)


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shame on me!

I didn't do a Monday Munchies post yesterday... darn! I guess it'll have to be Tuesday Tasties, or something like that... but I was thinking about doing a recipe for lightning cake... any objections? Keep an eye out, I'll post the recipe soon!