Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm back!

Back from being lazy, non-motivated (how do you really say that?) and back from neglecting my poor little blog. What, you ask pushed me back into the vibe?

A newly opened etsy shop, that's what! Go on, check it out! It's at this link right here, or here, or here. They're all the same. If they don't work for you though go to: You know you want to!

I bet you also want to know what loverly items are being sold at said store? Well, here's a little peak, for those of you who wish to be lazy. I get it, no hard feelings, I myself am being quite lazy also at this particular moment.
Leave a comment with your favorite item and there may be a free somethin, somethin involved, if you know what I mean... but then there may not. Depends on how I'm feeling

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