Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prepare yourself...

I've been kinda picture happy the last few days, so enjoy, or just scroll past really fast. They both work.

Hey! How'd that get in there? Oh, well!

So, this past weekend I took a visit with my brother to the Springville Art Museum (there was hardly anyone there!) And I have to admit there there were some amazing paintings there, like this one:

And this one, it was crazy, examine it, then think about it. Notice anything slightly heartbreaking here? Yeah, me too.

And I started on my quilt! (Finally!)

I love this fabric... really I do.

I told you I was picture happy!

And these are the final blocks: (You can get a lot done through three sessions of General Conference)

And here's a little contest of sorts. I took all three of these pictures. Which do you like the best?

Picture A

Picture B

Or Picture C?

Yeah, I know they aren't the best pictures in the world, I blame it on my camera. That's why I'm getting a new one... got any good suggestions? I'm looking for an awesome camera. That's all you need to focus on. (In other words, don't worry about the cost, or size. It just needs to be awesome!)

So leave a comment, about your favorite picture, your favorite camera or your favorite childhood pet. :)


  1. Picture A is my favorite.

    That is way cute fabric! If you have any scraps you aren't going to use, may I have them?

  2. I love love love your fabric choices! Those blocks are so fun! -Allison